Education Observer provides you an online Practice Examination of UGC-NET Paper 1. Questions are compiled from Previous year question papers of UGC NET. The Questions are available in the areas of

* Teaching and Research Aptitude
* Communication

The Characteristics of the UGC NET Paper 1 Mock Test

1. The Exam is completely free.
2. No Registrations required.
3. You are required to use the latest browsers (Preferably Firefox/ Chrome), old versions of browsers are having problems with the exam system.
4. You are provided with 10 questions each time, from a question bank of about 2000 questions.

5. Each Question carries 1 mark.
6. Total Time available for taking the test is 5 Minutes.
7. You will be provided with the scoresheet and correct answers at the End of the test
8. If the exam stops in between before completion, please refresh the page/ restart the exam
9. Please don't select multiple answers.



As Questions are selected in a random manner… Each time you are appearing for a new test… Appear as many times as possible, We included almost all the possible questions in the areas of Teaching and Research Aptitude and Communication


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