Education Observer presents The Quantitative Aptitude Test paper for Prominent Management Entrance Examinations like CAT, MAT, SNAP, GMAT, XAT, FMS Entrance, TANCET, FMS Entrance and many more. The Questions are also useful for other competitive examinations like Bank Tests and state PSC and UPSC Examinations.

Questions are prepared from old question papers of various Entrance Examinations

The Characteristics of the Quantitative Aptitude Model Test

1. The Exam is completely free.
2. No Registrations required.
3. You are required to use the latest browsers (Preferably Firefox/ Chrome/ Opera), old versions of browsers are having problems with the exam system.
4. You are provided with 10 questions each time, from a question bank
5. Each Question carries 1 mark.
6. Total Time available for taking the test is 5 Minutes.
7. You will be provided with the scoresheet and correct answers at the End of the test
8. If the exam stops in between before completion, please refresh the page/ restart the exam
9. Please don't select multiple answers.
10. The pass percentage is 70

As Questions are selected in a random manner… Each time you are appearing for a new test… Appear as many times as possible..

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