Free online model examinations for Dental PG and MDS Entrance examinations. The MCQ questions are selected from previous year Dental PG Entrance Examinations and will be very useful for candidates preparing for PG Dental entrance tests. Questions are carefully chosen from the following topics

General Human Anatomy Physiology and Biochemistry,Dental Anatomy, Dental Materials, Dental Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Oral Pathology & Oral Microbiology,  Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery, Preclinical Prosthodontics, Oral Medicine and Radiology, Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics, Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge,  Oral Medicine and Radiology, Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry, Periodontology, Conservative Dentistry And Endodontics.

Dental PG Free online model paper topics

Candidates preparing for COMEDK PGET, All India Postgraduate Dental Entrance Exam (AIPGDEE), Kerala PG Dental Entrance exam, Other University MDS Entrance examinations,  Private and Deemed University Dental PG Examinations will benefit a lot from this question paper and  free online MDS Entrance model examination. The MDS Entrance Question Bank contains more than 5000 questions, that are frequently asked in previous year MDS Entrance Examinations. Each time when you are writing a model examination, the questions will be randomly selected from this question bank and you will get complete review of your test at the end of the examination.

Points to remember

1. Select the link below to proceed to the examination

2. A total of 10 questions will be asked to you in a examination,each question carries one mark,  allowed time will be 5 minutes.

3. Questions will be randomly selected from a question bank. So each time you will be appearing for a new set of questions

4. One question will be provided to you at a time, select the answer from the given options. Save the answer to continue to the next question. You can also skip the question for a later time.

5. Use latest versions of browsers. Some versions of Internet Explorer not supported.

6. DO NOT select multiple answers

7. The pass percentage is 80.

8. At the end of the examination, you will be provided with the answer sheet and review. You can compare your answer with the correct ones.

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